Greenwood man dies weeks after taser incident, family ‘wants information’

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GREENWOOD, Ind. – Family members of a Greenwood man who died two weeks after an incident with police say they want answers about his death.

Charlie Todero, 30, died over the weekend. Todero had been in a coma for nearly two weeks, according to his family.

"I’ve never experienced this kind of pain before," brother James Todero said. "There’s like a black hole, there’s missing information. What happened to Charlie?"

In a release, a Greenwood police spokesman said officers were called to an intersection in the middle of the day on May 29, where Charlie Todero was "...exhibiting strange and dangerous behavior, walking in and out of traffic..."

An officer used a taser on Todero. By the time his brother got a call and rushed to the hospital, he said Todero was in a critical condition.

"Charlie’s laying there and he’s in a coma, with all these machines hooked up to him," James Todero said.

Following his death, the family had even more questions about what happened that day. Todero said his brother had just lost his father and attended his funeral that weekend, which could have led to him becoming distraught.

"He’s 30 years old, he’s healthy. He’s obviously, he’s hurting inside. He just lost his father, he’s probably extremely emotional," Todero said.

"We want justice for Charlie. We want information, we just want to know, that’s it," sister-in-law Heather Todero said.

Assistant Chief Matthew Fillenwarth provided this further statement:

"The Taser was used on Mr. Todero.  Mr. Todero was conscious and talking when he was put in the ambulance.  Mr. Todero was sent to the hospital because it was apparent he needed a medical evaluation.

We are waiting on the autopsy report to complete our investigation of this incident.  Once that is complete we will be able to release more details."

No officers have been placed on leave or reprimanded.

Todero said he hoped to have answers when the Marion County coroner's office completes an autopsy report.

"Charlie deserves justice. He should be here with us right now. This is unnecessary, absolutely unnecessary," Todero said.

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