Columbus man catches burglar hiding in closet, keeps him in chokehold until police arrive

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UPDATE: Adrien Hawksworth was sentenced to 7.5 years, with the first 9 months to be served in Bartholomew County Correction. He received 169 days credit with the balance suspended and will spend 5 years on probation. He pleaded guilty in the case in October 2016 and was sentenced on Dec. 1, 2016.

COLUMBUS, Ind. – A suspected burglar is in jail, but officers aren’t the ones that caught him.

On Wednesday, just before midnight David Murphy and his girlfriend, Amanda Bryant showed up to their Columbus apartment after moving all day.  The couple knew they weren’t alone.

“It happened so quickly. I really didn’t have time to think about anything,” said David Murphy, who took down a burglar.

The two saw a bicycle by the front door and a mess inside on the floor.

“Because you destroyed my clothes and you don’t destroy a woman’s clothes so he’s going to jail for this,” said Amanda Bryant, victim.

David took off to upstairs while Amanda called for help.

“So I’m on the phone with 911 and I hear boom, so he’s found the man,” said Bryant.

David tells us he found 25-year-old Adrien Hawksworth hiding in his cloest.  Hawksworth allegedly tried to escape through a window.

“I said ‘What are you doing in my house’ and he wouldn’t say anything and then he tried to jump out the window and I grabbed him,” explained Murphy.

David says he took Hawksworth to the ground when he tried to punch him.  He kept him in a chokehold until police arrived.  Officers found two syringes on the floor near Hawksworth.

“I said what are you on? You could clearly tell this man was out of his mind. He said heroin,” explains Bryant.

Wednesday night was the couple’s last night in this Columbus apartment and there were supposed to be more people staying there.

“I have three small children and his intent was to come in this house regardless so what if we were here alone. I don’t know if I could’ve defended myself against this man?” explains Bryant.

This couple is gone from their apartment and they’re relieved this burglar is gone from the streets.

“I think he really needs to evaluate his life and make better choices and definitely not go into somebody’s house that you don’t know because you may end up on the floor in a chokehold,” explain Bryant.

Hawksworth is facing burglary and drug possession charges.

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