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Massive book sale at the Indy Library Store

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

When they say, "books are a bargain” at the Indy Library store, they’re not kidding. Except for a few specialty items, most books and materials are under $2 for their upcoming sale!

The Library Store Book sale is on June 17-18 and June 23-25 at the Library Services Center on North Meridian Street.

“Adult hardback books are only $2, juvenile hardbacks are $1, and paperbacks are as low as 25 cents. We also have CDs for a dollar and vinyl for just 50 cents! I mean, the prices you can't beat,” said library volunteer Mauvene Borton.

They also have DVDs, tapes, 8-tracks and records. The library has more than 100 Broadway musical albums that were just donated. The aisles of the Indy Library Store has tens of thousands of books to choose from. The sale starts Friday.

“We have overstocked items, discarded items, and a lot of donations that are brand new or close to it. They range from history books, novels, and children's books,” said Richard Swan, Booksale Coordinator for Indy Library Store.

The sale has brought in $4.6 million since the book sale began in 1982. That's an average of $200,000 per year which can be spent on reading programs and other things supported by the Library Foundation.

“Examples of some of the programs we support are the summer reading program which is actually happening right now. It's featuring Garfield the lovable cat, created by the Muncie cartoonist Jim Davis,” said Roberta Jaggers, Indianapolis Public Library Foundation.

The library store has everything from the obscure, to the well-known, such as books by authors like Anne Rice, Dean Koontz and Joseph Heller.

“Watching television doesn't really absorb me like reading does. When I'm reading a book, I'm just absolutely transported to another place. For me, it's a way to experience different cultures and places. I really love going to the library, and their big sale is just a bonus,” said Margaret Smith, book lover and buyer.