‘Brilliant’ thief climbs through ceiling to steal lottery tickets, returns later to cash winning tickets

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GREENACRES, Fla. – A “brilliant” thief earned the ire of police in Florida after breaking into a store to steal lottery tickets and then returning later to cash them.

According to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, the business burglary happened on June 8. A man came in through the ceiling, wiggling through an opening and exposing his stomach.

Video shows him going straight for the scratch-off lottery tickets and stealing several of them before slithering back through the ceiling.

Police said he then came back with some of the winning tickets and cashed them. Surveillance cameras were, of course, rolling and captured images of the man after he returned.

The sheriff’s office wrote about the theft on Facebook:

To the brilliant burglar who broke in through the roof to steal lottery tickets, did you not notice the cameras?

You must not have because you came back a few days later to the same store to cash the stolen lottery tickets.

Police were still working to identify the man.

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