Family, city leaders question the safety of an intersection after fatal crash

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - A grieving family, City-County Council members and neighbors are all speaking out about an intersection they believe is dangerous after a man crashed and died there Saturday morning.

Matt Tipton, 32, died Saturday while making the turn at 79th and River Road while on the way home from hanging out with friends. Family described Tipton as fun-loving guy who had a passion for his work as a landscaper.

“Matt was the best son," his mother Patricia Tipton said. "I’ll miss him forever."

Now, the Tipton family is hoping something good can come of Matt's death.

“I just hope my brother’s loss brings awareness to that intersection and people be careful," his sister Kelly Tipton said.

People who live near the intersection say they have been pleading city leaders years to do something to improve the intersection for years, but say not much has been done besides new 15 mph signs.

“We would all love to see something be done to make this curve safer," Judy Ford, who lives just a few dozen yards from the intersection said. "Cars just pile up over there. It’s like one after another, bumper cars.”

Ford's complex keeps stats for the numbers of crashes there and the property managers said there have been six serious crashes since Octobers and more than a dozen slide-offs causing minor damages.

City County Council Member Christine Scales, R-Indianapolis, says she puts in monthly request with Indianapolis' Department of Public Works to study the intersection and find ways to improve the safety.

"The answer always come back no," Scales said.

A DPW spokesman said the company is looking into Scales' request and will look at all the options to improve safety at the intersection.