Heat and humidity easing; Drying up for a few days

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Relief is underway from the warmth and the humidity. We haven't had a spell of below average weather in weeks, Monday marked the 18th straight day at or above normal!

SUMMER temperatures

I'm afraid our next electric bill will be way up. With 8, 90 degree days already this month we certainly could use a break.  It gets underway this evening.

The dew point (measure of moisture in the atmosphere) is lowering Monday and it will really feel much more comfortable out the door Tuesday morning.

BW Meteogram Dew Point

The drier and cooler brand of air will hold for much of the upcoming week and look for several mornings starting in the 50s! The A/C takes a needed rest.


No rain is expected until Friday and even then the coverage is limited. What we may be saving on electric the next few days could be lost on watering. The chances for rain over the next 7 to 10 days are minimal, great for the holiday weekend bad for the lawn. Long range computers are only cranking out .50" amounts of rain. This is a time of the year where we lose nearly a quarter of an inch of soil moisture each day. We dry out fast!


The extended holiday weekend will turn warm but for now looks rain-free. The 4th of July is expected to reach 88° and will be the warmest since the 102° Fourth four years ago.

Warmer for the Fourth of July

Warmer for the Fourth of July