Indiana Supreme Court suspends Charlie White’s law license for at least two years

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charlie white

Charlie White (file photo)

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– The Indiana Supreme Court suspended former secretary of state Charlie White’s law license for at least two years Tuesday.

White was found guilty by the court of attorney misconduct. After the two-year suspension concludes, White may petition to reinstate his license.

In 2012, White was convicted of six counts of theft, perjury and voting outside a precinct of residence. In 2014, three of White’s convictions were thrown out in an appeal. However, the three-judge panel let three convictions remain.

At the appeals hearing, the judges questioned the validity of White’s claim that he was living at his ex-wife’s address while serving on the Fishers Town Council before his election as Secretary of State.

In their ruling, the judges determined that White’s perjury conviction was based on his street address, not his county of residence, which was the only relevant factor in determining residency.

After the court’s ruling Tuesday, White has exhausted all appeals at the state level.