Refreshing change lasts for a few days; Eyeing storm chance for holiday weekend

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It was the coolest and least humid afternoon in two weeks Tuesday and we are serving up more of the mild weather. Good evening from the weather center.

Dew points are still dropping and that's a good thing! The A/C get well deserved time off tonight as the drier air arrives. At 11 pm temperatures were running as much as 18 degrees cooler than the same time Monday!  Early morning temperature slower well into the 50s Tuesday morning! Enjoy!

ADI 24 Temp Change

If you liked today you will like Wednesday and Thursday as a matter of fact. The milder patter will hold for the next few days.

SKYCAST - Temperature Meteogram Tomorrow


Dry time will hold until Friday when showers and a few t-storms will be possible.  Watch that lawn!  It dries out quickly this time of year.  We lose .20" of moisture per day from the soil in late June and July.

Regional 18z RPM 4km-12km 72hr

Losing Soil Moisture


A new mild surge arrives to open the holiday weekend. Saturday looks great! There are some changes we are monitoring potentially for the holiday weekend.

Overnight computers are carrying a complex of storms arriving here late Sunday into Monday. Look like they are trying to bring the warm front north quicker and develop storms along it. It is still few days out and we will monitor and update!

ecmwf_apcp_f144_us (3)

JULY 4TH 3 Day Part