Reminder: The ‘Poop Fairy’ doesn’t exist, won’t pick up after your dog for you

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JEFFERSON COUNTY, Co. – Do you believe in the “Poop Fairy?”

Police in Colorado must think so. They posted a video on Facebook over the weekend reminding dog owners that it’s their job to clean up after their dogs.

According to the Jefferson County (Colo.) Sheriff’s Office, many people aren’t following the rules and think the waste just “goes away.”

Police took a lighthearted approach to raising awareness about the issue by putting together a video featuring the mythical "Poop Fairy," who does the dirty work for dog owners. The sheriff's office put the video together a few years ago but reposted it on Facebook this weekend, reports KDVR.

The problem with dog poop goes beyond its unsightly nature and unpleasant scent. According to the sheriff’s office, dog waste can contain harmful bacteria and parasites that could be passed on to someone else, causing health problems. It can also pollute ground water and other water sources.

Dog waste doesn’t decompose as quickly as other animal waste, police said. The more waste left behind, the more it accumulates.

The department wrote about the purpose behind the video in a Facebook post:

Most of our PSAs are no laughing matter. But with the dog waste issue, we saw an opportunity to lighten up and have some fun with the message. We hope you'll get a chuckle out of it, and share it with your friends and neighbors.