Local hospitals, police give tips for a safe 4th of July weekend

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Many are preparing to celebrate 4th of July with a bang. Unfortunately, some of the bangs translate into a boom of patients flooding local hospital emergency rooms. According to data from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, more than 60 % of those injuries are related to the use of personal fireworks.

"Typical sparklers those are sort of the main offender. People trying to throw fireworks or holding on to fireworks too long or just being careless with them in general," Community Health Network Emergency Physician, Dr. Jason Hollingsworth said.

Sparklers might seem kid friendly, but they can burn at temps up to 2,000 degrees. New York Giants player Jason Pierre-Paul knows about the dangers of using personal fireworks first hand.

"4th of July, I lit up a firework and thought I could throw it away real quick in a split second blew off my whole hand just right there," Pierre-Paul said.

The NFL player teamed up with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission to release a PSA hoping it will keep someone from the same fate. And if your celebration includes alcohol, state police say that's a bad combination.

"If there's a history of high DUI's during this time we'll definitely saturate those areas with police officers," Indiana State Police, Sgt. John Perrine said.

Sergeant Perrine says have your day mapped out and give yourself plenty of time to deal with increased traffic. But if you plan to celebrate at home, take extra precaution.

"If you're going to do fireworks on your own make sure you're doing it the safest way possible and definitely don't mix alcohol."

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