Son charged with murder of 73-year-old mother found fatally shot in Muncie home

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MUNCIE, Ind. - A Muncie man has been arrested in connection to the murder of his mother. Police say 42-year-old Richard Franks shot and killed 73-year-old Bonnie Franks inside of her Muncie home. Richard called 911 after the shooting.

“Me and my girlfriend just had a big struggle and she has a shotgun and she aimed it towards my mom. So, I charged at her and she pulled the trigger before I could get to her and my mom is dead!” says Richard to the Delaware County dispatch.

Bonnie Franks was lying on the floor unresponsive until police arrived.

“Please, hurry and get here! Please!” says Richard.

Officers say Richard made the disturbing 911 phone call from inside of his mom’s house. Police say he and his girlfriend were home at the time of the shooting.

Bonnie Franks

Bonnie Franks

“You were fighting with your girlfriend, she pulled the gun and shot your mom?” said dispatch. “I tried to grab the gun from her before she could do so, but it was too late,” says Richard.

After he told police several times that his girlfriend was responsible for murdering his mom, he fled the scene. Richard was found a short time later driving around Muncie. His girlfriend, Amy Campbell, had fled on foot. Both were taken into custody and questioned for several hours. Back at the home, neighbors were also interviewed; they told officers they heard people fighting outside.

As the investigation continues neighbors are mourning the loss of Bonnie Franks, a nice and friendly woman, they say, who will be missed.

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