IMPD talking with residents in neighborhoods affected by Thursday’s Operation First Step

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- IMPD's Operation First Step continues this weekend as officers hit the street and go door to door. 24 arrests were made during a series of raids this past Thursday targeting known offenders. Officers were back in the neighborhoods.

The effort is not about making arrests, it was about listening to residents. For IMPD North District officers, the day’s work started here in this neighborhood along Forest Manor Avenue.

This, after Operation First Step yielded 24 arrests during a series of raids around the city. The effort focused on drug houses- using information from community narcotics complaints. A home here along Forest Manor Avenue was a part of the sweep.

“Anytime we do an operation it’s important to assess our impact and learn for future operations,” said, IMPD North District Sergeant Matt Thomas.

Officers are talking with residents and asking them how they were impacted and to see if they have noticed a change since the sweep.

“It’s good to see you guys. I mean it’s always good to see the police,” said one resident. This community policing effort is about engaging residents, asking questions and listening. In just a short period of time in the neighborhood, officers learned about shots being fired on some nearby streets.

“We also identified one new house that we will likely be investigating, an abandon house and we built relationships with at least 3 teenagers. That’s a win,” said Sergeant Thomas.

This effort is very similar to the beat patrols IMPD North District officers now conduct regularly.

“We’re building that trust for the next time we’re out there or when there is a critical incident or incident of violence on the street. We can go back to the same people we've already met and have a conversation with them,” said Sergeant Thomas.

Three waves of this operation were conducted Saturday.  Sargent Thomas calls  the effort a success.

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