Local law enforcement on way to Dallas for funerals, say they won’t be intimidated

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Brownsburg, Ind. - Four officers from the Brownsburg Police Department are driving to Dallas to attend the funeral of the one of the officers killed by a sniper during a protest last week.

They left at 5 a.m. Wednesday morning.

"One, we want to show support for our brothers and sisters down there, and two, we want to show we're not going to be intimidated," said Brownsburg Police Department Captain Ben Pyatt.

"We did the same thing when the New York officers were shot and killed. The outpouring was amazing there in New York, and I don’t expect it to be any different in Dallas."

With a ticket in hand and a heavy heart, two Indiana State Troopers also began their journey to Dallas this morning.

We caught up with Sgt. Phillip Hensley and Sgt. Todd Harless at the Indianapolis International Airport. This isn't their first officer funeral out of state, however, Hensley said this time it will be different because of the sheer number of officers killed.

"This one is sort of a landmark situation," said Hensley. "There are five families that are suffering a tremendous loss right now. Missing their loved one. We want to go down to be part of that to show that we care, that we support them and we’re behind them."

Two more Indiana State Police troopers were sent by the State Police Alliance to meet with the victims' families and present them with flags from the Scott Patrick Flag Foundation.

Capt. Pyatt and his fellow officers have also felt an outpouring of support since the attack on the Dallas officers.

"This town is awesome. Serving Brownsburg, it’s no surprise to us, the outpouring. People bringing in food, buying us food, everywhere we go, thanking us for what we do. That’s no surprise here."

They didn't ask for any donations to make the trip to Dallas, but residents donated $800 anyway.