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Stretch your dollar by planting in the summer heat

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Some people think gardening stops during the heat of the summer, but it doesn’t have to. You can still plant and it’s also a great time to buy.

“Some nurseries and garden centers are having good sales right now because it's hard for us to keep the plants watered this time of year when it's this hot. So you can actually find some good value on some plant material. And as long as you keep them watered in this hot, dry weather, they'll do just fine,” said
Jacques Schindler, horticulturist at Allisonville Nursery.

Schindler says they have several sales going on right now. Many plants and trees are 50 percent off. They also have selections of flowers, shrubs and groundcover.

The experts can help you find what you need—they say they have everything from A to Z, Azaleas to Zinneas. A container specialist at Allisonville tells FOX59 that another way to save money is by having a little patience!

“We also have perennials in a quart size, versus a gallon size, so they are about half the price. But by next year, the plants will be the same size as your gallon size,” said garden container specialist Betsy Cochran.

It doesn't always have to be about what's put into the ground. If you have a space, instead of planting in the ground, plant in a container. It lets you move the plants and change up what's in them. You also save on water.

“If you have space in a shade garden, or even a sunny garden, another way to fill in the space is to get a beautiful container. Many are on sale now. You then fill the containers with beautiful annuals, giving you a lovely container garden with a spot of color,” said Cochran.

Here's another money saver: don't do all the work yourself. Let a landscaping company do the heavy stuff, like removing sod and preparing the beds for planting.

“A landscaping company knows how to do that. They'll rototill for you, and they'll add soil amendments. Let them do all that work and then in order to stretch your dollar, homeowners can install the plants and spread the mulch,” said Schindler.

Once your plants are done blooming, you can split many of them instead of buying more. That can save you hundreds of dollars. The best way to splint a plant is to wait until they are almost dormant, and then use a spade and shove it right down the center of the plant. Just be sure to have a hole ready to go for transplanting and then use a little root stimulator to give the plant a healthy start.

Stretch your dollar further, if things are not blooming this year.

“As a matter of fact, our regular peonies are on sale now because they're not blooming but they will next spring,” said Cochran. “So if you're just a little patient, next spring you'll have a beautiful plant for half the price.”