Gov. Mike Pence attends ‘welcome home rally’ in Zionsville

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ZIONSVILLE, Ind. -- The Donald Trump campaign held a "welcome home rally" in Zionsville for their newly appointed vice presidential candidate.

Just four hours after Trump officially named Governor Mike Pence as his running mate in New York City, a line of about 100 supporters waited outside the Indianapolis Executive Airport hangar in Zionsville. The early birds were there an hour before the "welcome home rally" was scheduled to start.

By 4:30, nearly 200 were inside waiting for Pence to arrive, around the time Pence's flight took off.

Many of the people anxiously awaiting the governor's return today say Trump couldn't have picked a better running mate.

They say Pence’s reliability is enough to make them confident marking the ballot this November to send Trump to the White House.

"I love Trump’s enthusiasm, but sometimes, you know, he’s Trump," says Westfield resident and rally attendee  Jeff Harris. "And Mike Pence is steady and calm and cool under pressure and I think that’s going to be great for the ticket."

Jacob Whatley, who was also at the rally, says it's Pence's commitment to social conservatism in particular that has him jumping off the fence, squarely into the "Vote Trump" camp.

"He’ll [help] pick up a lot of establishment voters and that’s very important, also evangelical voters, which is why I’m such a supporter of Pence because I mean, he brings that to the ticket," says Whatley. "I just feel confident I can vote for Trump now because of Pence."

Whatley is also saddened knowing Indiana will lose a governor he agrees with on so many levels.

"I am sad to see him leave the governor’s office because he’s done such an amazing job here," says Whatley. "But he’ll be an excellent vice president, hopefully the president someday in my opinion."

After Pence thanked his many family members there with him, he turned to Whatley and the hundreds of other supporters who came to hear from him for the first time since the official introduction.

"To my fellow Hoosiers, thank you for the opportunities you’ve given our family to serve the state of Indiana," said Pence. "Your support and Indiana’s example has carried us to this moment. Our state is inspiring the nation and I’m going to take Hoosier ideals to Washington DC."

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