Gov. Pence speech overshadowed by Cruz controversy?

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CLEVELAND, Ohio – The headlines Thursday morning were more about what Texas Sen. Ted Cruz didn’t do at the Republican National Convention Wednesday, instead of what Gov. Mike Pence did.

“Ted Cruz tried to blow it up,” said Sen. Dan Coats (R-IN). “He blew up our party.”

Pence addressed the Indiana delegation Thursday morning, hours after a contentious speech left lingering impressions and questions.

“Stand and speak and vote your conscience,” Cruz said.

Pence didn’t address Cruz’s speech at the breakfast, a dramatic prime-time slot that ended in boos from delegates when he didn’t endorse Trump.

“They said to me you didn’t even look nervous,” Pence told the delegation. “I said well looks are deceiving. But when I walked out on stage and saw all of you, it was an incredible source of encouragement to me.”

In an interview with FOX59 earlier in the morning, Pence called the speech a “profoundly humbling night.”

“I’m so glad Ted Cruz came to the convention last night and congratulated Donald Trump on receiving the nomination,” Pence said. “I thought his presence, Scott Walker’s speech, Marco Rubio’s comments really gave evidence to the fact that we are a party that is coming together.”

In his prime-time speech, while introducing himself to the nation, Pence pushed a Trump ticket centered on unity.

“We’ll always have our differences, particularly after competitive primaries,” Pence told FOX59. “But I think what you’ve seen all this week is Republicans coming together around our nominee.”

Cruz told the Texas delegation Thursday morning he won’t vote for Hillary Clinton, but isn’t promising a Trump endorsement either.


Perhaps a potential sign of Republicans uniting against Cruz, Pence continued on message Thursday morning, preparing the nation for Trump’s acceptance speech that night.

“I can’t wait to get out on the campaign trail and carry that message,” he said. “Shoulder-to-shoulder with Donald Trump all across this nation.”