IMS ready to handle the heat this Brickyard 400 weekend

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SPEEDWAY, Ind. -- The extreme heat expected this weekend has the Indianapolis Motor Speedway taking extra precautions to help keep fans safe at the Brickyard 400.

Speedway officials say 100 misting fans will be set up and working all around the property.

There is a cooling tent and 5 IndyGo Cooling buses on hand to help. Many of the gift shops at the track are also air conditioned if fans want to escape the heat for a bit.

IMS will also have 11 air conditioned first aid stations around the property to help fans who may need attention. 12 full size ambulances, 8 golf cart ambulances and 5 mobile teams will also be responding to medical needs of fans.

IMS Medical Director, Doctor Geoffrey Billows says they are fully prepared for the weekend ahead and encourage fans to hydrate early and often.

“We recommend that you drink 16 to 32 ounces of fluid an hour while you are out in the sun. Some people might need more than that if they’re out working in the sun. Hydrate, don’t wait to start drinking until you feel thirsty to start drinking.”

Extra nurses and doctors will also be on hand at the Infield Care Center all weekend long.

Doctor Billows advises fans to wear light colored clothing and to take it easy on the alcohol.