IN Focus: Candidates for governor lobby for votes at RNC

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CLEVELAND- Now that Mike Pence is officially running for Vice President, a new race has emerged to fill his seat as Governor.

It began last week, the second it was made official via Twitter that Mike Pence would be running for Vice President, setting off a domino effect with big name Republicans vying to fill his shoes.

Lieutenant Governor Eric Holcomb was first in to the Secretary of State’s office to remove his name from the Lieutenant Governor’s race. He was followed by Congressman Todd Rokita, and Congresswoman Susan Brooks.

The three leading candidates were all in Cleveland for this past week's Republican National Convention, lobbying members of the GOP's state central committee which will choose a candidate on Tuesday.

Holcomb got a huge endorsement from Gov. Mike Pence on Friday, after having the honor of placing Pence's name for nomination at the RNC earlier in the week.

State Sen. Jim Tomes also entered the race for governor in recent days, but was considered by many party insiders to be a long shot in the race to replace Pence on the ballot.

In the video above, see what the leading candidates were saying and doing in Cleveland to lobby for votes, and hear what top Republicans are saying about Pence's new role as Donald Trump's running mate.