Greenfield police officers receive new bulletproof vests to take home

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GREENFIELD, Ind. - Violence against police officers continues to happen across the United States.

In Greenfield, officers are getting more protection. Every officer on the force is getting something to keep them safe in what is an increasingly tough time for law enforcement.

“I see society in a spot that I’ve never seen it in my 25-year career,” said Greenfield Police Chief John Jester.

Already, 68 men and women in uniform have been killed in 2016 with Dallas and Baton Rouge home to the most recent police massacres.

“It’s our job to go out and be cognizant of those people and be aware of our surroundings and do everything that we can to protect ourselves,” said Jester.

Months ago, long before Dallas and Baton Rouge, the Greenfield Police Department ordered 37 new bulletproof vests-- one for every officer to keep in their take home vehicle.

“Just for the event that if they’re in their take home car, they’re off duty, we have a situation that requires an officer to wear a vest, he has some form of protection with him,” said Jester.

Off-duty officers that are called out may not have a vest on hand. This purchase guarantees every officer will be protected.

“This is just an added form of protection,” said Jester.

“Having that there and knowing that it’s there if an incident did come up, you know that you’ve got that ballistic vest that’s going to help protect you,” said Greenfield Police officer, Sgt. Chuck McMichael.

Officers are grateful the proposal received full support from the city. Thirty-seven vests cost $17,000, a small price to pay for a grateful community.

“People do appreciate public safety employees, where that be at the police department or the fire department,” said McMichael.

“Personally as the Chief I hope they’re never used but at least the officers will have them should that need arise,” said Jester.

Every officer will have a new vest to take home by September.