Indianapolis airport firefighters fill in as pallbearers for Marine

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Firefighters from the Indianapolis Airport Authority Fire Department stepped in to serve as pallbearers for a U.S. Marine who was killed.

According to the fire department, LCPL Ryan Scheer was killed in an auto accident in Indiana, and he was being flown to Charlotte.

“He had his military escort, and it is common for the military to be there to receive the remains of a soldier when they fly in, but not always when they fly out,” the fire department told FOX59.

So when Delta Airlines informed the fire department that Scheer and his escort were leaving the Indianapolis International Airport and that a military funeral detail was unavailable, the on duty airport firefighters filled in as pallbearers. The fire department said they were honored to do so.

The fire department posted the picture on July 23, and it has since received over 2,350 shares.