Indianapolis veteran awarded Purple Heart 70 years after serving in WWII

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GREENSBURG, Ind. – 70 years after Pfc. William Peters served in World War II, he was awarded with a Purple Heart during a ceremony at Aspen Place Health Campus in Greensburg.

Peters served from February 12, 1943 to February 21, 1946.

While on a mission in France in November 1944, his platoon was ambushed by a German army contingent.

He was seriously injured and unable to walk after being hit with shrapnel and being briefly pinned between an armored car and an exploding jeep. His troop retreated under fire and in pain and shock he crawled to sit by a nearby tree.

He observed a German machine gun nest perched on a hill over him in full view. In sporadic periods of consciousness during the remainder of the day he prayed knowing they could kill him at any time.

The German force left unknowingly sometime that day and later he found himself being treated and strapped by medics on a litter on the hood of an American jeep.

His broken femur bone in his leg was set incorrectly, and he spent two weeks in a body cast being ferried across France to be treated for his wounds in a hospital in England. He subsequently was released with a war disability in February 1946 from the Veterans Hospital in Indianapolis.

Thank you Pfc. Peters for your tremendous bravery and your service to our country.