Susan Brooks goes over Zika plan with Hamilton County health department

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HAMILTON COUNTY, Ind. - Congresswoman Susan Brooks (R-IN) met with Hamilton County health officials, Thursday, to discuss their Zika Action Plan and how they are working to prevent an outbreak.

Brooks has been leading the charge to find a cure for Zika and calling on the federal government to help state's prevent the virus from spreading.

Hamilton County health officials told FOX59 they are adding boots on the ground by handing out mosquito catching tools to local parks departments. Parks workers will help locate mosquito breeding grounds and treat those areas.

Indiana recently received nearly $766,000 from the federal government to fight the Zika virus. Currently, there are 16 cases of Zika in the Hoosier state. However, all of those patients contracted the virus while traveling.

Officials are hoping to keep Indiana mosquitoes from carrying Zika, but say everyone must do their part by locating and eliminating breeding grounds.

"Containers, bird baths, small pools, dog bowls, things like that, anything that might collect water and hold water for a few days and not be maintained can breed mosquitoes," said Jason Lemaster with the Hamilton County Health Department.


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