Intoxicated driver attacked by wasps after crashing into utility pole

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(Photo credit should read FRANK RUMPENHORST/AFP/Getty Images)

LAUREL COUNTY, KY – An intoxicated driver and his passenger were swarmed by wasps after they crashed into a utility pole in Laurel County, Kentucky.

Deputies responded to the scene after receiving a complaint, saying a man was running around out of control Tuesday night, WVLT reports.

When deputies arrived, they observed the driver, Noah Elkins, 36, spraying himself with a hose in a nearby yard and saying that he had been stung by a swarm of wasps.

Upon further investigation, deputies learned that Elkins’ vehicle had stuck a utility pole, which disturbed a nest of yellow jacket wasps. Deputies say the wasps then began stinging Elkins and his female passenger, Priscilla Simpson, 35, causing them to flee through the neighborhood.

Deputies determined that Elkins and Simpson were under the influence of several drugs, including Klonopin, Neurotin, and Suboxone.

They were transported to a local hospital for to have their injuries and wasp stings treated.

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