Decatur County girl recovering from lightning strike

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DECATUR COUNTY, Ind. -- After being struck by lightning last week, a Decatur County girl is now on the road to recovery.

Madison Davis’ family has been by her side every single day, waiting and watching. Now, family members tell us she’s awake.

“When I went over to the Ronald McDonald House, my daughter texted me and was like, ‘Mom, she opened her eyes!’” exclaimed her grandmother Rebecca Davis.

Davis says these are the signs she’s prayed for, the signs that one day she’ll get her little Maddie back again.

“It’s amazing,” said Davis. “The doctors say it’s amazing she’s come this far.”

Davis was with the 7-year-old girl, leaving to run an errand when Maddie was struck by lightning while standing right next to Davis' car.

“I mean I thought it hit a metal building,” said Davis. “And then when I heard the big bang, I thought, ‘No, this can’t be.’ And I ran around and she was just lying there."

In the moments immediately afterwards, Rebecca was terrified her inability to remember CPR might cost Maddie her life. Eventually, a dispatcher was able to help walk her through the steps.

“I kept asking the lady, ‘What do I do?’” Rebecca remembers. “I really don’t know if I remembered anything. I didn’t know if they still blew in their mouth.”

Every day since Maddie arrived at Riley Hospital for Children, Rebecca has stayed by her bed, worrying the delay may have caused some harm.

The good news last night makes Rebecca hopeful Maddie will be herself again sooner than she ever thought possible. Still, Maddie faces a long recovery for the burns on her body and may need other therapy.

“I can’t wait to see her smile again,” said Davis. “She’s never run out of things to talk about. Sometimes I’d go, ‘Oh Maddie! You talk so much.’ But now I think, oh never say that to your child. Let them talk, let them talk, let them talk.”

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