Man shot with flaming arrow in America’s Got Talent stunt gone wrong

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A live episode of America’s Got Talent Tuesday included a terrifying stunt in which a flaming arrow missed its mark, striking the contestant.

Ryan Stock & Amberlynn, who specialize in “stupid human tricks” and “super human stunts,” left the judges speechless and sent concerned viewers rushing to Twitter.

During the trick, Stock swallowed a long rod with a small target on the end and bent forward for Amberlynn to take aim. Using a crossbow and a flaming arrow, Amberlynn fired a bolt at the tiny target and missed – striking Stock near his neck.

Incredibly, Stock didn’t appear badly hurt – the arrow struck just enough of his collared shirt to glance off in a ball of sparks and fire.

“I’m okay, it got my shirt, I’m okay,” a shaken Stock told the visibly concerned judges.

“Listen, um, I don’t think you are,” responded judge Howie Mandel. “I think what you do is wonderfully horrific but that’s the first time you missed.”

Stock repeated that he was fine, but Mandel replied, “We have to be responsible here, you are hurt … I think what you did is wonderful and I think you deserve votes but the audience just saw what could happen (and) I hate that I saw what could happen.”





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