Rape survivor delivers petitions to NCAA HQ calling to ban violent athletes

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - A sexual assault survivor and her son are in Indianapolis delivering a petition to the NCAA to ban violent student athletes.

Brenda Tracy and her son Darius collected more than 157,000 signed petitions they presented to the NCAA’s Board of Governors calling on members to vote on creating a task force to further study the issue and make a formal recommendation.

Tracy says this mission strikes a personal cord with her. Tracy says she was raped by four college football players at Oregon State University nearly 20 years ago. She says those players were given a one game suspension and sentenced to 25 hours of community service. She says the recent sexual assault scandal at Baylor University called her to reach out to the NCAA.

“For many, many years I was too ashamed to say anything. I was too ashamed to talk about it. There are a lot of people that way and I’m willing to use my voice. I think it’s important to see this is a human issue this affects many people," said Tracy.

Former Coach Mike Riley and Oregon State University officials have since apologized to Tracy and began to expand and improve programs to prevent sexual violence and assault.

Tracy’s efforts also helped changed a Pac 12 rule that prohibits athletes with serious misconduct issues from transferring into the conference.

The NCAA released a statement saying,  “We appreciate the opportunity to speak again with Brenda and with her son Darius. She has a compelling story and, like us, is seeking changes on campuses and nationally to stem the tide of sexual assault. We look forward to continuing our conversation with her and other leaders regarding this important matter.”

To look at the online petition, click here.

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