Annual Perseid meteor shower peaks later tonight, weather will cooperate

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It's that time of the year - the annual Perseid Meteor shower.  It peaks tonight and experts say 1 'shooting star' per minute is possible and as many as 200 could occur.

Look to the northeast sky starting 11 pm through daybreak Friday.

Could it be a banner year for shooting stars?  Experts say its possible because the comet Swift-Tuttle passed near Jupiter back in November of 2014. The giant planets tug on the comet pushes it closer to earth as it nears this summer.  Here's hoping!

Meteor Shower

The tiny bits of debris enter the earth's atmosphere at 37 miles per second and disintegrate.  Some of the debris is as small as a grain of sand, they streak beautifully across the mid August sky.

Weather-wise the skies will be hazy and a few clouds are possible, not the optimum for viewing but certainly do-able. Sit back, enjoy - use bug spray and be patient. Try to get away from the city's light pollution to see the most faint meteors steak across the sky.

From Sky and Telescope on-line.

From Sky and Telescope on-line.