Carmel closing major intersection to construct 98th roundabout

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CARMEL, Ind. – More traffic headaches are coming to Carmel, with construction on a new roundabout set to begin at a major intersection Monday morning.

The city will start work, installing roundabout number 98, at Range Line Road and Carmel Drive. The intersection will be closed for three months as the traffic structure is constructed.

“Is it really needed at all,” said Yogesh Kumar, who lives in Carmel, “I’m not really looking forward to it.”

The roundabout will cost roughly $2 million, with $1.2 million of the price tag covered by grants. The rest is locally funded.

“It’s kind of a major intersection being closed for three months,” said Joe Rinkovsky, of Carmel.

More roundabouts will follow. Carmel recently secured $257 million in bonds to pay for road projects, including 32 new roundabouts, over the next three years.

“The only questions seems to be how fast can we convert the rest of the lights to roundabouts,” said Jim Brainard, Carmel Mayor.

The official detour directs traffic around the area, onto Keystone Parkway, Guilford Road, 116th Street, and Main Street.

That is a concern for True Barbers on Carmel Drive and other businesses.

“It’s still going to be difficult, but hopefully our clients are dedicated enough to us that they’ll come back here and not go somewhere else,” said Carlton Campbell.

Mayor Brainard said closing the intersection allows the work to be completed in a quicker amount of time. He explained the roundabout will move four to five times the cars through the area that a traffic light does.

“Nobody likes construction, but it’s vitally important when we do a project like this to get in, get out, and get it done for the businesses around the area and the people that use the street every day,” he said.

It is a tough sell for some people like Heather Smith, who said driving in circles is making her dizzy.

“I’m not a fan of roundabouts,” said Smith.

Construction is also going on nearby on 126th Street.

A spokesperson for Carmel Clay Schools said they are used to construction in Carmel, and bus route changes happen. However, they don’t expect significant impacts.

You can find more information about Carmel's current construction projects by clicking here.