Colts quarterback Andrew Luck saves puppies in latest ad

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He hasn’t hit the Peyton Manning level of endorsements yet, but Andrew Luck continues to make a push as one of the NFL’s most recognizable faces.

Luck appears in new commercials for DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket service.

“There are two potential yous this football season,” the announcer says, replaying a theme DirecTV has used time and time again in numerous commercials over the last few seasons. “The DirecTV you who likes saving puppies with Andrew Luck and the cable you who likes a good turtleneck. Don’t be the cable you.”

Luck also appears in a commercial for the NFL Sunday Ticket streaming service, which allows customers to stream out-of-market NFL games online. Other players featured in that ad include Eli Manning (in a banana suit, nonetheless!) and Tony Romo (playing some smooth saxophone).