Three burglaries in one night in Bargersville, couple found man in doorway of bedroom

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BARGERSVILLE, Ind. -- Police are investigating three burglaries in one night, in a normally quiet central Indiana town.

Neighbors reported break-ins at 1 a.m., 3 a.m., and 5 a.m. Wednesday morning. They all happened in a small radius surrounding downtown Bargersville.

David Jeffers was the last victim. He went out to his garage to find his large gun safe gone. He later found it, without the guns inside, sitting outside next to his house.

"They pried it all open and poured gas and oil down in it and over it. It’s pretty well ruined," Jeffers said.

The thieves managed to get two guns out of the safe.

Earlier in the night, two different couples woke to find a man inside their homes.

In one case, a couple saw a man standing in their bedroom doorway. He ran away when the woke up, but managed to get away with various items including pills and cash. They later found a stolen camera in a dumpster nearby.

In the other case, a homeowner's dog alerted him to an intruder. He woke up to find a man starting to enter the back door, but scared him into the yard and later away from the house.

In every case, police managed to gather evidence. They believe the cases are likely linked, though they have yet to confirm that.

"It doesn’t appear in any of these situations that they forced entry into any house. It was open doors, so people (should) just start locking their doors until we get these guys caught," Deputy Chief Todd Bertram said.

Jeffers said he's not expecting to get his guns back, but that he does keep the doors to his home locked just in case.

"I'm aggravated but, you know, what are you going to do?" Jeffers said.