Severe Thunderstorm Warning issued for several Indiana counties

A long-lived storm produces a tornado Monday afternoon; damage reported

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Picture taken at E. County Road 200 & N County Road 500 E, on 8/15 at 6:15 PM


It wasn’t the tallest or most dramatic looking storm on radar but this storm was in the right place at the right time Monday.  Located along a north bound warm front and in a location where veering winds in the low levels supported rotation, the storm latched on and wouldn’t let go.

WXIN Default

A long-lived storm  continued prompting tornado warnings  a full three hours after it’s first funnel was sighted  into Grant Co Monday evening. There were multiple reports of a damage from this storm that started at 5:40 PM in Clayton (southwest Hendricks Co).  A second storm trailed the first minutes later.  Sirens blared across the county as the twin storms tracked northeast through Hendricks county.

Radar and ground reports confirmed the tornado near and west of Brownsburg.  The earliest reports, just after 5:30 pm were near Clayton in southern Hendricks county.  Public reported the tornado to the Hendricks’ s Co Sheriff and then  deputies confirmed the twister. The image below shows the compact and strong rotation moving toward Brownburg just after 6 pm.

Katie Braun-- Brownsburg

Katie Braun– Brownsburg

Wind velocity

Trailing the first storm, a second compact and discreet storm traveled north, passing near and just east of Brownburg.  A local Fire Marshal reported a estimated wind gust of 100 mph and “strong rotation”.

Monday storm reports


Damage to trees and a few strictures have been reported and thankfully no injuries!

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