Experts warn of scam artists as tornado cleanup continues

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HOWARD COUNTY, Ind. -- Cleanup continues after tornadoes touched down across central Indiana on Monday.

The storms left behind downed trees and power lines, as well as damaged homes and barns. The damage stretched from Hendricks County all the way to Howard County and Grant County.

Trees toppled over in the high winds are now being cut up and a metal barn's roof was peeled off at Sandra Gilbert’s home in Howard county.

“It just come up underneath it and buckled it,” said Gilbert.  “It’s not major, but it’s not very nice.”

Gilbert says before the storm hit and ripped apart her metal roof, she could see what appeared to be a tornado headed her way.

“You could see if going down and coming back up and then as the winds picked up I went to a safer place,” said Gilbert.

“It’s pretty devastating coming through the neighborhood,” said storm victim Dan Rhoades.

Rhoades lives in Hendricks county.   His neighborhood and home took a direct hit from a different tornado, uprooting three large trees that then fell on his roof.

“It’s time to roll up the sleeves and get the hands dirty,” he said.

Experts says as storm victims start to clean up the mess, scam artists could be out to try and take advantage.

The Better Business Bureau says doing your homework can keep that from happening.  First, check to see if the company doing the tree trimming is local and insured.  Never pay in full up front before the work is done and be cautious of companies offering large discounts.

While crews continue cutting the large tree off Dan’s roof, he and Sandra agree they’re just relieved no one got seriously hurt or killed in the storms.

“It’s really just devastating and pretty emotional roller coaster, but a lot times after tornadoes people don’t have homes.  So we’re fortunate in that way,” said Rhoades.

“It’s life and it’s nature.  You just have to be prepared or not be silly about it or stupid,” said Gilbert.

In all there were at least five confirmed tornadoes that touched down Monday night.

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