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IMPD couple attending retreat to help them step away from the stress of the job

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- Being in law enforcement can be a stressful job on any given day. But what about when your spouse is also an officer? Officer Derik and his wife Officer Tamar Harper know what it's like to have your work and personal lives collide. A scenario that could've gotten out of control if they didn't seek help.

"And when things go bad, I've seen things go bad. I got to think that could be her job. That could be her. And regardless of her being a police officer she's still my wife first," Officer Derik Harper said.

Things went bad for both of them just months apart. First tragedy struck for Derik.

"Within seconds I could hear officer down and shots fired on the radio. It's like the worst feeling in the world," Derek said.

Derik traded runs with Officer Perry Renn the night he was killed, leaving him with unbearable survivor's guilt. Tamar struggled to console her husband.

"It was hard for me because as a police officer I was hurting too because we loss somebody. But as a wife I was trying to be there for him but it was so hard because he changed and I didn't know what to do," Tamar said.

Six months later Tamar's partner was shot and injured during a traffic stop.

"Then it was able to help me understand more of what he went through . In that instant I'm like this is how Derik, how he feels," Tamar said.

The couple turned to IMPD's nationally recognized wellness program where they received counseling and PTSD therapy. The group nominated them to attend a couple's retreat through the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation that helps service members and law enforcement couples step away from the stress of the job.

"It was so totally unexpected. When they called our names I'm looking like man somebody else have our name," Tamar said.

Four days alone to revitalize their marriage and focus on their partnership beyond the badge.

"It's just awesome someone will be willing to do that for us and other people like us it's just speechless it's just awesome and I can't wait," Derik said.

The CKFF will cover all of the Harper's expenses for their trip to the Pocono Mountains.

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