Camera captures man peeping through windows of family home

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- An Indianapolis mom says she's terrified after seeing a man on surveillance video peep through the windows of her home, before taking off his clothes.

The bazaar behavior happened Saturday night in front of a home on the city's near northeast side. The mom, who doesn't want to be identified, told FOX59 her husband was home when he heard strange noises.

He didn't check the surveillance video until the next morning, but was shocked to find a man peeping through the windows.

"He came to the window and looked up, because the curtain was pulled back a little. Then, he leans his ear in to hear," she explained.

The man can be seen on the video, walking around the front porch before walking to a truck. The woman said the video shows the man walking away and not returning for three hours. When he came back, she said he can be seen taking off his clothes.

"He comes back, gets a bag out of the side of his passenger door, comes around to the driver side, and proceeds to change clothes, his pants, his shoes, his shirt," she said.

She said, while the man didn't get inside her home, she's still terrified to know what he was attempting to do. She said the video shows his face clearly, but she doesn't recognize him.

"Paranoid, scared, violated in a way, because he had no reason what-so-ever to look in here, none," she said.

The family is hoping other neighbors can learn to look out for each other and pay attention to their surroundings.

“Now, we have to watch every time we go out. We have eyes everywhere," the mom said.

She called police and filed a report. IMPD said it's not likely the man will face charges.