Former Avon volleyball coach, employee of Archdiocese of Indianapolis arrested on child porn charges

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AVON, Ind. – A youth volleyball coach and graphic designer for the “The Criterion,” a news publication of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, was arrested on child porn charges.

Jerry Boucher, 43, of Avon, appeared in federal court at 3:30 p.m. on Thursday. He faces a total of 11 counts. Counts 1 through 10 allege that he knowingly received child pornography in July and August of this year. Count 11 alleges that he had an external hard drive with child porn videos on it.

On July 22, agents and task force officers conducted an on line internet investigation, when a computer was allegedly found to be sharing child pornography using the BitTorrent network. The computer was tracked through the IP address to Boucher’s computer at his residence in Avon.

On August 17, a federal search warrant was obtained and computers and storage media were allegedly located in Boucher’s bedroom containing child pornography videos and images.

Court documents say Boucher admitted to downloading and storing the files. He told police he first saw child pornography online in 1997 but claimed he'd only been downloading and storing files for the last month.

"He said he collected the material because he was curious," the court document reads.

Senior Litigation Counsel Steven DeBrota, who is prosecuting the case for the government, said Boucher could receive 20 years in prison if convicted.

DeBrota said the case is particularly concerning since Boucher has long had access to minors, and he wants anyone with information that could be helpful to call (317) 216-0252.

"It’s really important in any case where we have someone that’s charged with offenses like this and they have contact with children for us to really get a full picture of anything that may be going on there, one way or the other, so we can know that we got the full story," DeBrota said.

Boucher is a former assistant volleyball coach with Avon High School. The principal sent this letter to parents after the announcement of Boucher’s arrest:

Dear Volleyball Parents,

Law enforcement contacted us today about an investigation and anticipated arrest of a former lay Avon High School assistant volleyball coach. This person was not a teacher and has not been employed by Avon Schools since December of 2011. He is being investigated for allegations related to child pornography. We understand the individual is currently employed by Circle City Volleyball Club which is not a part of the Avon Community Schools.

Given that AHS Head Volleyball Coach Scott McQueen is co-owner of the Circle City Volleyball Club, Coach McQueen is now on leave until law enforcement has completed its investigation. He will not attend practice nor interact with the players until we have a chance to learn more about the pending investigation. We want to be clear: we have no evidence or information that Coach McQueen has done anything inappropriate. As principal of Avon High School, my first responsibility is the safety of your children and therefore we will err on the side of caution.

In the interim, Athletic Director Brad Holsinger has assigned the assistant coaches to assume full coaching responsibilities. In addition, the assistant coaches will not be discussing the investigation. We know parents or students may want to talk to someone with the school. Please feel free to contact Mr. Holsinger or me.

Please contact law enforcement for inquiries about the pending investigation.


Matthew A. Shockley

Boucher was also a club volleyball coach at Circle City Volleyball. They released the following statement on Thursday afternoon:

“We are devastated by the recent news. He did coach for our club in the past, but we no longer have a relationship. Our first priority is and always will be the safety of the girls in our club.”

He was also a former volunteer assistant coach at Danville Community High School. Superintendent Tracey R. Shafer released the following statement:

"On the evening of August 17th, Danville Community School Corporation (DCSC) was contacted by federal authorities informing us that Mr. Jerry Boucher had been taken into custody on criminal charges. Mr. Boucher is not an employee of Danville Community Schools, but has been working as a volunteer assistant coach in the Danville Community High School volleyball program. We have been informed by federal authorities that the pending charges are not related to the volleyball team, students, or Danville Community High School (DCHS) in general. Mr. Boucher has been removed from any contact with the volleyball program. DCHS is taking additional steps however, to meet with parents of student-athletes in the program to inform, answer questions, and support our students. DCSC conducts background screenings on all of our volunteer coaches at the time of assignment and the background screen for Mr. Boucher did not indicate any prior criminal record. This is the information that we have at the time. Any questions should be directed to the office of the Superintendent, Dr. Tracey R. Shafer."

The Archdiocese of Indianapolis confirmed Boucher's employment, stating he worked for "The Criterion." He was placed on administrative leave.

“The Archdiocese confirms that Jerry Boucher is employee of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis who works as a graphic designer and as a result of the charges filed against him today in federal court, he has been placed administrative leave….

The Archdiocese has not been contacted by any law enforcement agencies concerning this investigation.“

Officials from Homeland Security urge anyone with information in this case to call 317-216-0252. The Hamilton County Child Exploitation Task Force is assisting Homeland Security with this investigation.