Police warn Maine residents after finding large snake skin along river

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WESTBROOK, Maine – Police in Maine warned the public after finding a large snake skin along the Presumpscot River that could belong to an elusive snake nicknamed “Wessie.”

According to Westbrook police, officers photographed and collected, which will be examined to find out what type of snake shed it and if it could pose a danger to people. They told anyone who travels along the river to stay alert, keep a safe distance from wildlife and report any snake sightings after the Saturday discovery.

Police have been looking for a 10-foot-long snake since June 23, when a woman reported seeing it near the playground at Westbrook’s Riverbank Park, according to WMTW.

Days later, officers spotted the snake eating a beaver. It then swam across the Presumpcot River, resurfaced and disappeared into some brush.

During the initial sighting of the snake, it was described as being “the length of a truck” with a head “the size of a soccer ball.”

Several other sightings have been reported.