Barber unknowingly cuts VP nominee Gov. Mike Pence’s hair: ‘And your name was?’

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NORRISTOWN, Pa.– Gov. Mike Pence got a haircut Tuesday from a barber in Pennsylvania who didn’t realize he was cutting the hair of Donald Trump’s running mate.

Pence stopped at Jones Barber Shop in Norristown and had his hair cut by 74-year-old Henry Jones, who works part time, while also volunteering at a nursing home and cutting hair.

He’s been cutting hair for 42 years.  He opened his store for the occasion, but was told he’d be cutting the hair of Rep. Mike Vereb.

Jones was surprised when he found out who it actually was he was giving a trim to.

“And your name was?” he said after the haircut.

“Mike Pence, Governor of the state of Indiana, running for Vice President of the United States,” he replied.

“Oh boy,” Jones said. “This is history, man. I’m telling you.”

At one point, Jones asked Pence’s wife Karen how she liked her husband’s hair to be cut. She said to not cut it too short, and the governor joked that the barber could slip up and make it short if he wanted.

When Jones told Pence about his marriage of 52 years, Pence asked what his secret was.

He said when you finish work, “go home.”

Gov. Pence said it was a “great haircut” while Karen called it “perfect.”