Police: Officers mistake homeowner for robbery suspect during officer-involved shooting

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Indianapolis Metropolitan police said officers mistook a homeowner for a robbery suspect early Tuesday morning during an officer-involved shooting.

Speaking to reporters, IMPD Assistant Chief Randal Taylor said a woman called police this morning to the 3600 block of Foxtail Drive near 38th Street and North German Road after a young man confronted her in her driveway. The woman said the man threatened her with a gun and pointed it at her head while demanding her car keys.

"At some point her husband comes out of the home with a weapon," Taylor said. "Our officers are already on the scene at that time. The vehicle that was the target of the carjacking and robbery was still in the driveway. Officers weren't initially sure if the suspect was still with the vehicle. The husband was out with the weapon, and unfortunately the husband was shot by one of our officers."

The woman complied and gave up her keys. She then ran into her house to tell her husband what happened and notify police. Her husband went outside the home with a gun; when police arrived, they mistook the man for the robbery suspect and shot him. The man was taken to the hospital in serious but stable condition after being hit in the stomach, Taylor said.

"Our prayers and thoughts are certainly with him and his wife and the rest of their family," Taylor said. "It's an unfortunate occurrence."

He continued, "Obviously the homeowner had a weapon out, but I’m not sure what conversations would have occurred, if any between the officer and the homeowner."

Sgt. Kendale Adams said it was dark outside and officers were dealing with a suspect who had pointed a gun at a woman. Adams said it didn't appear the homeowner fired a shot at police. The officer involved in the shooting will be placed on administrative duty, which is standard procedure in officer-involved shootings.

Adams said the woman targeted in the carjacking was not hurt. She is cooperating with the investigation into the circumstances leading up to the shooting.

Police are still looking for the suspect, described as an 18- or 19-year-old black male who was wearing a red jacket and a dark baseball cap.