VIDEO: Lion cub and otter form the most adorable friendship

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MIAMI, FL – An unlikely pair has become fast friends at the Zoological Wildlife Foundation in Miami.

In a video posted by the foundation, Bosu, a 3-month-old lion cub, and Kappa, a 1-year-old otter, play together. And they could not be more adorable! ZWF posted the video on Facebook on Sunday, and it has more than 60,000 views.

Animals at the Zoological Wildlife Foundation frequently interact with each other, and the staff says it is completely safe under professional supervision.

The ZWF staff says Bosu and Kappa always play around, and they treat each other like siblings.

Neither animal was born at ZWF. Kappa was acquired from the exchange program Nurtured By Nature, and she is one of six otters that ZWF obtained. Bosu was received from a generous donation made possible by Myrtle Beach Safari.