Warm and wet August to get back on track; Tropics turn active

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Our dry time is officially on the clock. The dip to September level weather is ending as warm and humid air surges toward the state overnight.

A warm front is expected to sweep into the state by daybreak Wednesday bringing much more humid air and the threat of thunderstorms.

ADI 18z RPM 4km-12km 72hr

Dew points will jump as the front passes and we get right back into that thick, tropical air. A few gusty or even a severe storm could roam the area especially near the warm front Wednesday. The Storm Prediction Center's SREF computer ensemble probability of severe shows a broad area of potential severe storms extending from Kansas into portions of Indiana by Wednesday evening. We will monitor.

SREF_03HR_SVR_PROBS__f033 (1)

day2otlk_1730 (13)

Heavy downpours are a certainty, especially late Wednesday night into Thursday morning.


Speaking of tropical air - the Atlantic hurricane season may be shifting into high gear. Gaston, the 7th names tropical storm of the season is expected to become a hurricane on Wednesday.

two_atl_0d0 (3)

There are several areas being monitored and per the trusted Euro model, it carries a system (the one denoted in orange) east of the Lesser Antilles, into the Gulf of Mexico next week. A real eyebrow raiser and we will watch carefully!