Homeless woman proves she isn’t crazy, wins fight to get $100K in Social Security funds

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WASHINGTON DC – A homeless woman is celebrating a huge victory after a battle that lasted nearly two decades.

According to WJLA, Wanda Witter, 80, moved to DC in 1996 to search for work after she lost her job. Even though Witter was a trained paralegal, no one would hire her. Eventually Witter ended up in a shelter.

After qualifying for social security, Witter realized there was an issue with the monthly checks the government sent her. The checks ranged from $300 to $900. She knew the checks were wrong, so she didn’t cash them and she sought legal help.

Eventually, she stopped receiving social security checks because she didn’t have a fixed address. She wrote letters to explain her situation, but she never received an answer.

“I know I’m entitled to this and somebody is screwing me here,” said Witter.

Witter used a dolly to haul around three suitcases of social security documents and research.

Witter says many people thought she was crazy, but a few months ago, a social worker confirmed Witter was right.

Daniela De La Piedra took the case and proved the government owed Witter around $100,000.

Witter recently moved into a small apartment on the northwest side of DC. She says she plans to use the money, first and foremost, to fix the health problems caused by living outside.