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Mayor reacts to Vision Fleet audit, promises to overhaul controversial program

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Joe Hogsett

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Indianapolis Mayor, Joe Hogsett is weighing in following FOX59’s exclusive report on the findings an audit revealed, into the city’s Vision Fleet, the electric car fleet that has been marred with controversy.

The audit had a scathing review of Vision Fleet and revealed a mismanagement of funds and no transparency during negotiations, even going as far as to say the contract with Vision Fleet poses a risk to the city.

The agreement led to more than 200 electric cars being purchased and driven by city employees. City council never approved the deal, which cost the city around $32 million. But still, despite back door deals and shady contract changes, the cars are being driven today, all paid for by city taxpayers.

The mayor was asked if the audit revealed so many issues with the program, why the city is not cutting ties with Vision Fleet altogether.

“I’m not willing to at this stage just throw the baby out with the bathwater. We’ve already invested a lot of money in this, so my job as mayor is to do the responsible thing, try to make things work and if they don’t, change them in ways that make sure that they do,” he said.

Following the audit, multiple city councilors are pledging to introduce ordinances to get the city out of its contract with Vision Fleet.

The Mayor said he will work with council in the coming weeks in an effort to resolve issues with the program.