Outbreak of Tornadoes Wednesday

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An amazing day, an outbreak of tornadoes in Indiana with a preliminary report of over 40 tornadoes centered over a portion of Indiana.

Note the first image captured by FOX 59 crews! A large tornado over Howard county late day!


Thankfully no serious injuries. At this time of the post we suspect 4 'large' tornadoes in Howard county alone with damage from near Crawfordsville northeast into Ohio.

A complete surprise, not really - forecaster Danielle Dozier (a veteran of tornadoes in Oklahoma) and I discussed tornado possibilities on Tuesday. The signals were not strong, but heightened interest was shown by SPC late morning when a portion of the state was put under a 'slight risk' of severe storms.

Again, the signals were never that strong that tornadoes would swarm let alone be large and long tracked. Radar scans and early alerts by local law enforcement and storm spotters may have saved hundreds on lives!

At this time we believe 4 'large' tornadoes raked across Howard county. This is preliminary and will be revised in the days ahead.

WXIN Default

Power outages are high in Howard county late Wednesday - as many as 24,000 were without power per Duke energy.

DUKE outage map 8-24-2016

Scattered storms are possible again early Thursday and again Thursday afternoon.   Currently there is a potential for stronger storms to ride a lite night jet stream into northwest Indiana before sunrise.  The severe threat is minimal but not completely ruled out Thursday morning and again afternoon.  Stay alert and stay tuned to FOX 59!

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