American Red Cross serves thousands of meals to people of Howard County after EF-3 tornado

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INDIANAPOLIS, IND. - American Red Cross volunteers are serving meals, love, and support to the people of Kokomo after an EF3 tornado ripped apart their homes and memories on Wednesday.

“We try to hand out bananas, snacks, meals, whatever we can hand out for them. We have a side window on the truck and we pull up in the neighborhood and hand out whatever we can,” says Mike Williams a volunteer with the American Red Cross.

The Red Cross van travels throughout neighborhoods that were destroyed by the 165 mph winds that ripped Howard County apart.

“We go to the really bad devastated areas. The people do not have electricity, so their refrigerators are off and everything is spoiled and ruined,” says Williams.

Volunteers served nearly 2,000 people in the past 24 hours and fed another 600 people Sunday night.

“It does not cost them anything and when you are down and out a little meal here and there seems like a whole lot and it really is,” says Williams.

Red Cross volunteers pick up food donations from dozens of local restaurants then serve the people who need it the most, like Sherry Huff who’s neighborhood was hit hard with damage.

“It has almost been non stop with the food and the help,” says Huff.

“We try to help them with that transition from the bad to the good. Everybody is just so gracious and they really appreciate the help,” says Williams.

A warm meal is a simple thing, that has offered hope to the people of Howard County.