IN Focus: FBI investigating state’s new vaping law?

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INDIANAPOLIS — The Federal Bureau of Investigation is looking into whether any laws were broken when state lawmakers passed a controversial vaping law.

Evan McMahon, an e-liquid producer and strong opponent of the law, tells FOX59 that he was interviewed by federal officials one to two weeks ago, asking specifically which lawmakers and companies were involved in the law’s creation.

According to McMahon, the FBI told him they were looking into questions centered around anti-trust and corruption, but never used the word investigation.

McMahon says the officials wanted to know who all was present during meetings, their goals and connections, and who was “cheerleading” for the legislation.

Indiana Senator Phil Boots told our news-gathering partners at the Indy Star that he’s been interviewed as well.

“They asked me if I knew of anything anyone might have gotten out of this legislation,” Boots told the newspaper. “I think that’s what they’re looking at — did someone in the legislature gain from the legislation?”

The FBI has yet to comment.