Martinsville police warn of heroin mixed with elephant tranquilizer, Narcan not working

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MARTINSVILLE, Ind. – After seeing an increase in heroin overdoses, police agencies and the coroner in Morgan County are warning residents of a lethal mix of heroin that could be circulating through central Indiana. What these dealers are selling can literally bring an elephant to its knees and it is deadly for humans.

The drug is Carfentanil and it is used to sedate elephants that weigh around 2,000 pounds. Police say a grain of the drug can kill a human in seconds. Carfentanil is more potent than Fentanyl, which we have already seen mixed with heroin in central Indiana. Police say it is 10,000 times more potent than Morphine. Officials have not yet found Carfentanil in Morgan County, but believe the lethal drug is spreading around the Midwest.

"I think that everyone should be on high alert, especially here in the Midwest.  Narcan is not counteracting the overdoses which make us think that it is going to take more Narcan to work,” said Morgan County Sheriff’s Department Cpt. Brent Worth.

Police believe the heroin laced with animal tranquilizers is coming from China through the borders of Mexico and is being distributed in central Indiana, ending lives of 13 people in the county in the past year, including 25-year-old Branden Horton, whose mother is trying to warn the public of the lethal drug.

“If you have to look at their cell phone, look at it. If you have to set rules, do it. Don’t be afraid to do it because they may hate you today, but somewhere down the line they are going to come back to you and love you for everything you did for them,” said Susan Horton.

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