‘Be really careful’: Indianapolis man says construction downtown did thousands in damage to car

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- An Indianapolis man wants to get the word out for drivers to be careful after he says construction downtown did thousands in damage to his car.

Kevin McCarthy didn't expect his normal commute to turn into a huge headache, but that's what happened and now he's out a lot of money.

"It was bad. The damage was really bad, a few thousand dollars," McCarthy said.

McCarthy was driving down I-65 South on August 30, when he hit uneven pavement that had been shaved down for night crews re-paving the split downtown.

He said the road was shaved down so far that when he hit the lip to get back on regular pavement, he immediately knew something was wrong.

"I hit the front end and the car just went 'Ka-Boom,' and two of my tires were seriously damaged. The other two tires were pretty badly damaged and two of the wheels as well," McCarthy said.

His insurance company is trying to get his money back from the state, but in the meantime, he wanted to get the word out since crews are still doing that work.

"Be really careful going through there," McCarthy said.

FOX59 checked out the road on Tuesday. The two right lanes, just before I-65 and I-70 split off, were shaved down and appeared to be slowing down drivers, though none seemed to have any damage.

An INDOT spokesperson confirmed that the work has been going on and that crews are doing their best to keep the road safe for drivers. He said that work like this does occasionally result in claims for damage but that he was unsure of specific issues downtown.

Anyone with damage to their cars due to road repairs can go to the INDOT website and click the "notice of tort claim form" link on the right to download a form that is turned into the Attorney General's Office for review.

McCarthy, meanwhile, said the issue is personal and he's just worried that other people will out money or, worse, injured, if they're not careful in the area.

"My cousin actually died in an auto accident on uneven pavement several years ago down in Florida so I’m especially sensitive to what can happen when you’re on uneven pavement," McCarthy said. "That’s why I brought it to your attention, is because I was most concerned about the safety of other people."