Dash cam video shows deadly pursuit, as criminal investigation into off-duty officer continues

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BARTHOLOMEW COUNTY, Ind. -- A just-released dash cam video from an off-duty reserve officer's car shows how a deadly pursuit of a motorcyclist first started.

The video, released by the Bartholomew County Sheriff late Wednesday, is from former Nashville Police Officer Leonard Burch's car. Burch has resigned from the force since the early August pursuit.

In the video, 18-year-old Xavier Scrogham is seen riding his motorcycle in front of Burch's car. He changes lanes, then starts to speed up and go well out of Burch's field of view as the officer turns on his lights.

The audio is hard to make out, but a 911 call Burch placed during the pursuit filled in some of the details.

"I'm on Central Avenue. A motorcycle just passed me at 120 miles an hour. I'm in pursuit of the vehicle now," Burch says to a dispatcher.

When the dispatcher asked Burch who he was, he said "Nashville Police Department." He later told the dispatcher that radio frequencies were not the same in the area, so he was unable to call in through his car dispatch system.

The pursuit appears to last seven to eight minutes, until Burch loses Scrogham.

Deputies found the teen not long after. He had crashed into a bean field and died.

Scrogham's aunt, Anne Johnson-Bey, told FOX59 on Monday that her family cannot understand why the pursuit was started by an officer from another county, and don't think the teenager should have died.

"I’m really counting on Matt Myers and the Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Department to get answers and my family and myself, we won’t get rest until that’s done," Johnson-Bey said.

Myers, the Bartholomew County Sheriff, said in a release that none of his officers pursued Scrogham. He also said that the Nashville Police Department initially withheld its concerns about Burch's actions, and waited almost a month to ask for a criminal investigation.

The video, though lengthy, doesn't show what happened to the teen, but Burch does seem aware that his actions are being recorded.

"It might be on my dash camera, because as soon as he took off from me I activated my lights, so I would assume it’s on my dash cam," Burch said.

Myers said the investigation is still ongoing, and he hopes to forward it to the Prosecutor by the middle of next week.

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