‘Beautiful Island Needs People’: Canadian town offers jobs, land for relocation

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Photo courtesy of The Farmer's Daughter Country Market

With the upcoming election, a lot of people have been saying they’ll move to Canada if the candidate they’re rooting for doesn’t win.

Coincidentally, a small Canadian island is trying to recruit people to do just that!

Cape Breton Island is a small island just off the coast of Nova Scotia that is about the size of Connecticut.

A few weeks ago, The Farmer’s Daughter Country Market, a bakery and general store on the island, posted an ad on their Facebook page saying they “need people.”

The store says they have hired all the locals who are qualified and need work, and now they’re out of options. So they’re trying to use Facebook to find people who are willing to work for them. You must be environmentally conscious, friendly, helpful, and positive.

Even though they can’t offer high wages, they are willing to offer two acres of woodland plus access to farmland and other resources.

If you are eligible to work in Canada and interested in moving to Cape Breton Island, you can email your resume along with a letter about yourself to fdaughter@icloud.com / Attention Heather and Sandee.

Currently, the store cannot sponsor temporary foreign workers, but that may change soon, according to the Calgary Herald.

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