Colts ‘voice’ Bob Lamey apologizes after saying expletive on air

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Andrew Luck is interviewed by Bob Lamey on stage in front of fans at Lucas Oil Stadium Friday April 27, 2012. (Photo: Rob Goebel/IndyStar)

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – It was an on-air slip, one that Bob Lamey doesn’t actually remember uttering but took ownership of nonetheless.

“The tape doesn’t lie,’’ the long-time radio voice of the Indianapolis Colts said  Monday. “I’ve got so many mistakes to make in my life, and this was another one. I have no idea how long before I’ll make the next one, but I hope it’s a long way off.’’

A mild, profanity-related controversy punctuated the Colts’ 26-22 victory over the San Diego Chargers Sunday, and it emanated from the press box high above Lucas Oil Stadium. As the game ended, Lamey said “The game is finally (expletive) over.’’

“Honest to goodness, I don’t remember saying it,’’ Lamey said.

But say it he did on 1070 The Fan. It was brought to his attention by Matt Conti, the team’s assistant director of communications, as Lamey was exiting Lucas Oil Stadium.

Lamey regrets bringing attention to himself and the organization. He planned on apologizing to the fan base on the Colts’ weekly radio show Monday evening.

“It goes without saying I’m exceedingly sorry about what happened,’’ Lamey said. “If I offended anybody, I’m deeply sorry. To the best of my ability it’ll never happen again.

“I would be really mad if I had gone on a rampage and filled (the air) with profanity. Then I would have walked away. I might not even have come to work today,” he said. “It was a slip.’’

Lamey, 77, is in his 30th year as the team’s play-by-play announcer. The team was quick to respond via a statement:

“Bob Lamey is not only a legendary broadcaster, but also a passionate and loyal Colts fan. Nevertheless, even in the heat of the moment, profanity has no place in Colts broadcasting. Bob has expressed extreme regret for his mistake during yesterday’s broadcast. We have accepted his sincere apology, and forgiven him for his misstep. We hope our fans will do the same and enjoy ‘The Voice of the Colts’ for many more broadcasts.”